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Old El Paso, indeed: Big Star's DIY Taco Kits for your 30+ taco craving

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Big Star, 1531 N. Damen, purveyor of the hippest taco in town, this week started offering its DIY Taco Bar for very large taco and tostada orders, so you can replicate the Big Star experience in the less hip comfort of your own home.

Already, there's been one taker -- a 60-taco order yesterday for a Monday Night Football party.

"We're really hoping this is going to take off," says Big Star chef de cuisine Justin Large.

Ingredients are weighted and packaged separately to prevent soggy, sad food. Pricing is the same as the regular menu (tacos run $2 to $3 each), plus a 3 percent surcharge. Not included in the DIY options: the queso fundido, pozole and Sonoran hot dog. Orders need at least one hour of lead time.

One other thing -- the most important thing -- Large wants to clarify: The minimum order amount is 30 tacos or tostadas, not 50 as previously announced. (And so you know, the maximum order amount from the restaurant's walk-up window is 20.)

"When we first opened the to-go window, we had a guy order 70 tacos and that's great," Large says. "But what we're really trying to do is preserve the integrity of the food. When you're wrapping that 70th taco, those first 60 just aren't going to be as good. The spirit of tacos is it's something meant to be eaten fairly immediately and fresh and in-hand. It's the ultimate street food."

To order, call the Taco Hotline -- really, that's what they call it at Big Star, and it's a different number than the restaurant -- at (773) 680-7740.

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