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Bigger Jones: Paul Fehribach scouting spots for new restaurant

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Since this time is all about looking forward, I can give you a little spoiler alert into next week's cover story, right?

In it, Big Jones chef Paul Fehribach, one of the more thoughtful, well-spoken chefs around town, shares his take on how and why certain foods come into and go out of fashion (we're talking to you, pork belly and cupcakes).

He also lists a few things he wishes were more popular in the food world but probably won't be. Among them: Southern food, his passion.

But Fehribach is apparently not one for wishful thinking, announcing today on Soapbox, Ellen Malloy's digital magazine for chefs, that he's working on another restaurant.

In an e-mail to me, he said the new place will "almost definitely" be Southern-focused. He has ideas for a "hole-in-the-wall carry-out spot" but also fine-dining -- the location and community will dictate which direction he takes, he said.

"We are wading into the real estate market," he wrote. ""It wouldn't be prudent to anticipate actually opening in 2011, more likely early 2012."

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