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Irish breakfast in Chicago catches on, and the coffeeshop hangs on (barely)

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The above photo didn't make it into the print version of Maureen O'Donnell's story today on the Irish breakfast, but it illustrates Kappy's owner George Alpogianis' words perfectly: 'I'm a Greek boy with Mexican cooks. What the heck do I do with an Irish breakfast?' "

At Kappy's in Morton Grove, the Irish breakfast is popular among Koreans. Alpogianis speculates it's because they're more open to trying new things. I'm more inclined to think it's because Asians dig the savory breakfast. I'm thinking of my own childhood, but also the congee, pho, miso and kimchi on the morning tables of other cultures.

Another message to take home: a Greek guy owns a coffeeshop that serves Irish sausage cooked by Mexicans and beloved by Korean customers, and a pair of Ecuadoreans own a diner that serves Irish blood sausage popular with Puerto Ricans -- now, that's Chicago.

And a final something to chew on: The word "coffeeshop" appears twice in O'Donnell's story -- which is exactly how many times it has appeared in the Sun-Times so far this year. (Note I'm not talking about coffee shops, where you can get your venti, half-caf, light whip, pumpkin mochaccino, but rather coffeeshops, where you can get coffee.)

Those two previous mentions of "coffeeshop" appeared in stories written by O'Donnell -- obituaries for one Bess Maros, 85, and one James Deuter, 71. RIP, Mrs. Maros, Mr. Deuter and the coffeeshop as they knew it.

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