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A toast to the Champagne of beers, and other good bad beers

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SCHLITZ1 112908.jpg Yes, yes, the craft beer movement is a wonderful thing, and all the talented local brewers have been nothing but a boon to Chicago. But a can of PBR has its place, too, does it not?

To wit: the Pabst beer dinner at Branch 27, 1371 W. Chicago, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Not only are Old Style, Schlitz and Colt45 making an appearance, but chef John Manion promises his version of Doritos, a "Cheez-it crumble" atop beer cheese soup and . . . Tums with dessert.

This harkens back to chef Paul Virant's Old Standbys beer dinner at Vie in July, which went one course more (though without our beloved Colt45). C'mon chefs -- one more makes it a trend!

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