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A taste (in tweets) of the about-to-reopen Avec

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l0hb.jpg In T minus 15 minutes, Avec will re-open to the world. It has been shuttered since an Aug. 9 fire. It is reopening with a new stove and a slew of new dishes, including whole roasted foie gras and mortadella mousse (but those chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates ain't gone nowhere). Desserts have been expanded as well; crepes with homemade Nutella, anyone?

Publicist Ellen Malloy has been menu-tasting and tweeting, with photos, what diners hereafter can expect.

Here's one (pictured): "Chicken thigh gourgere (holy shit) with parm rather than gruyere (Koren [Grieveson, Avec's chef de cuisine] called it a hot pocket)."

Welcome back, Avec.

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