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Save the date for Michelin Chicago

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Amazingly, not a single chef bombarded Jean-Luc Naret (at right), worldwide director of the Michelin Guide, while he was in town for Chicago Gourmet to pry about the upcoming Chicago guide (because while it would be uncouth for a chef to do so, it's not for a reporter to ask whether a chef has done so. Ha).

"I'm sure they're talking about it among themselves, though," Naret said.

All the hemming and hawing and star-giving is done; the book is going to print soon.

So, save the date, chefs: The Chicago Michelin guide will be released on Nov. 18. But all the chefs who've earned stars will get a phone call from Naret on Nov. 17.

"Usually, I call them in the morning to tell them before the selection is out. And it's an interesting call to make, because you're bringing joy to them," Naret says.

Until then, you can immerse yourself in Michelin Chicago's rather engaging Twitter feed (which sounds like one person, but that's only to throw you off).

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