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Remember our food photo contest?

Our winner, Sharlene King, 27, took the top prize for her casually scrumptious shot (above) of a chicken sandwich, made for lunch one weekend in her Andersonville apartment.

On Friday, King fulfilled her prize: a day in the studio of Chicago food photographer Stephen Hamilton, our judge for the contest.

Hamilton thought it would be fun to recreate King's photo. That process took hours and involved many scenes like this:



"I wanted to keep it light and airy and summery with the color palate," Hamilton says. "There were a lot of natural elements of her sandwich, which is what really attracted me ... Really subtle peas coming out of the pea pods. So, I tried to keep a lot of those original elements."

After more than 100 shots (typical for a shoot of this nature), Hamilton and his team finally got the one they wanted. You'll notice (then, again, maye you won't) subtle char marks on the roasted peppers. The bread has more of an "artisan-baked feel."

Final image.jpg

The experience left King, who works in digital design, impressed and exhausted.

"I'm both jealous and I totally don't want their job," King says. "It's a lot of fun but it's very tedious and detailed."

And now, for even more fun, check out the stop-motion video King made, using Hamilton's shots, of the sandwich's path to studio perfection:

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