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Charlie Trotter, the incurably romantic chef

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Rain on your wedding day (let's just say weekend) is supposedly good luck, so while the skies open up on this formerly gorgeous Friday afternoon, it's probably a good time to offer congratulations to Charlie Trotter and Rochelle Smith, who are getting married -- again -- Saturday morning.

The couple wed in the Maldives in February. Tomorrow's brunchtime ceremony is at Trotter's mother's house in Wilmette, where Bill Zwecker reports the chef will cook all the food. pp-trotter-111909-p9.jpg

In fact, this will be the third time the couple is marking their union. Back in March, Smith told me they were heading down to the One & Only Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, where Trotter had a five-year consulting gig, for a "commitment ceremony."

"He just wants to keep getting married," Smith said. "He's an incurable romantic."

For a taste of their home life, Smith, a restaurant consultant, offers this. On Sunday evenings, she is often the one cooking -- simple stuff like stir-fries. "So I'm doing portobellos, red onions, asparagus, hoisin, and I'm read to throw away the asparagus ends. And he gets them and slices them really fine, mixes them with some goat cheese, shavings from the portobellos. And he'll take ground turkey that he's seasoned up - we use very little salt, some basil, sage and rosemary -- and make patties and put them under the broiler.

"That's the way Charles is. He doesn't like to waste anything. He can look at something and where I garbage, he sees gourmet."

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