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A trout-off tie, and one dish Curtis Duffy knows will be on the menu come fall

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Remember that chef's challenge I wrote about recently, put on by Supreme Lobster and involving the decidedly unsexy rainbow trout?

Well, the results are in and ... it's a tie between Sepia's Andrew Zimmerman and Curtis Duffy of Avenues.

The prize: $500 or a trip to the Idaho farm of Clear Springs Foods, which sponsored this particular contest. Duffy is taking the cash (the thought of leaving the restaurant on a workday doesn't sit well with him); haven't heard from Zimmerman but Supreme's Carl Galvan, who orchestrates these contests, was pretty sure he was taking the trip.

Both chefs will get to judge the next chef challenge featuring a different fish so look for those details on Supreme Lobster's site.

And look for the Duffy's dish on the menu in some form when the days start to cool down. "I have already started to infuse 20 liters of olive oil with spruce branches and needles to slow poach the trout," he says.


photo courtesy Louisa Chu

1 Comment

Two great chefs -- and two nice people, as well. I'd been wondering who won. This is a perfect outcome.

I envy the judges, although theirs cannot have ben the easiest of jobs.

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