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Didn't you hear? Rick Bayless is cooking mole at the White House

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The food world over knows Rick Bayless is cooking at the White House tomorrow, and making his 28-ingredient mole, and that he has been tweeting from D.C. (though something tells us he's finally been muzzled, as our White House correspondent Lynn Sweet calls it; by our calculations, Bayless averages one tweet every 5.2 minutes, and his last one was around 7-ish this morning). Obama Next State Dinner.jpg

We know, via his Twitter feed, that he was a little nervous, that the White House kitchen is "rather small" and that he was worried about the ingredients, all of which had to be ordered by the White House.

An AP story that just moved on what is shaping up to be the biggest non-story food story involving a famous chef tells us more of the same, plus this fascinating tidbit: Bayless at first wasn't allowed to bring his own knives -- "I said that's like asking a famous runner to run in someone else's tennis shoes," Bayless told the AP -- but the White House finally, surprisingly, relented.

For this state dinner for Mexican president Felipe Calderon, Bayless will be cooking for 200 people. Which should a breeze, considering his past exploits.

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