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A plea to our readers: Don't throw away that Jewel ad!

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The other day, a reader called me, all pissy because he was in the middle of reading our cover story on sustainable seafood. The story directed him to turn to page 3A. Except he could find no 3A, only page 3.

And before I could get all the words out -- that there was indeed a page 3A -- the annoyed reader hung up.

So... let me get all the words out:

As much as I know that that wraparound Jewel ad is the most annoying thing ever, please know, dear readers, that that ad is what largely pays for the food section.

And please know that every week, the cover story 'jumps' to that page 3A, the inside back page of that wraparound ad.

There are all sorts of production issues I won't get into here, which, much to my chagrin, prohibit us from numbering that page differently -- page 7, say, which seems the most logical thing.

I make this plea especially because today's cover story is one you need to read. It's an amazing story you won't find anywhere else, about a woman you've never heard of. You will be blown away.

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