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A few more Stephen Hamilton tidbits

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For those of you who read today's story on Stephen Hamilton and wonder what he does with all the food he gets from clients...

The food that is cooked, handled and primped for the camera gets tossed. Extras that go untouched -- and there often is quite a bit, since clients send food by the case lot -- are donated to food pantries. Staffers sometime take home food that doesn't fit within the strict guidelines for pantry donations. And the rest gets tossed.

"There's a lot of waste in this business," admits Hamilton, who is developing a charity portion of his business as a centralized way to donate extra food.

Want more behind the scenes? Check out his Who's Hungry blog, chronicling a day in his life and offering recipes, video clips and more photography advice.

And here's a taste of Hamilton's appearance on tonight's "Top Chef Masters":

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