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Slayer rocks!

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Some people go for monster trucks; others, their thing is how fast and powerful their computer is, or how much horsepower some sports car has.

Other people -- and you know who you are -- see a gleaming, muscular, espresso machine and say, "whoaaaa."

That was my reaction when I heard about the Slayer, the monster truck/Italian sports car of espresso machines. Made in Seattle (surprise!) the Slayer (yes, that's it's name) is an industrial strength espresso maker that, according to Gizmodo, has gotten coffee nerds all hyped up "because of the way it allows a barista to easily play with pressure to do some interesting things--like start with a low pressure extraction, ramp up to full pressure, then back it down to get different textures or flavors--using the wooden paddles on top of the groupheads that adjust the mechanical valves which control water flow, which is what's unique about the machine."

The Slayer weighs a couple hundred pounds and costs about $18,000. And not just anyone can buy one -- there are only 20 that have been built, so far. It's a machine for coffee shop proprietors who are really, really serious about the quality of the coffee experience.

In other news, the Bialetti stovetop espresso maker I got last week seems to be working pretty nicely, so far, producing something I wouldn't exactly call "espresso," but rather, some nice, quite concentrated, strong coffee.

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