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BaconFest tickets on sale Thursday

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Seems like just yesterday BaconFest was but a gleam in a few pork-obsessed dudes' eyes. But it really, truly is happening.

Tickets for the April 10 event go on sale at noon tomorrow. Because the event is essentially split into two tastings or "shifts," each featuring 12 chefs, the organizers have very specific guidelines for purchasing tickets. For those ambitious enough to attempt to attend both shifts, a warning: "We won't call you an ambulance."

Tickets are $45. Check out the roster of chefs here.

Update: In case you're wondering why Paul Kahan, whose middle name might well be "pork," isn't on the roster, organizer Andre Pluess says he and his whole Blackbird/Avec/Publican crew are, appropriately, going wild boar hunting. Of course, Kahan did pull his weight at the BaconFest preview event in October, held at the Publican.

Pluess and his co-organizers, Seth Zurer and Michael Griggs, are so amped up about the event and its future possibilities, you'd think this was RedBullFest.

"We're hoping there will be a second annual. Though, our wives and girlfriends are probably hoping there won't be," Pluess says. "Our goal is eventually to move it to an outside model. But we want it to be a little more highbrown than the Iowa bacon fest, you know, with people walking around in pig suits. Ours is more chef-centered."

Pluess is hoping to have Rick Bayless make a special appearance either in the fest's opening or closing ceremonies to "do a reading of our Bacon Manifesto," he says.

Chefs' dishes are just now being hammered out and probably won't be finalized until the last minute, but you can at least count on a bacon sundae of sorts from Chalkboard's Gil Langlois.

Langlois made the concoction, which included bacon cotton candy and walnut and bacon crunchies on top, for the October event at the Publican. A Chalkboard manager says Langlois has refined it further; the bacon is now coming from a new local farmer who raises acorn-fed pigs.

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