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Live long and prosper, as long as you don't soak the pancit noodles too long

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I think I know why I don't make pancit that often. I don't like, nor want, to compete with my mother.

I made pancit according to my mom's recipe in today's Food pages, and I must say, it tasted almost -- almost -- like hers. But I let the noodles soak too long in water before draining them (yes, I know the recipe says 5 minutes, and I went over 5 minutes), and when I added them to the wok, they just fell apart. Filipinos eat noodles for good luck, as the Chinese do. Long noodles signify a long, prosperous life -- get it? Lesson learned for next time.

Also, here's a short list of my go-to Filipino food stores around town:

Carl & Ching
3349 W. Irving Park
(773) 267-9007
A relatively new discovery for me, though I live mere blocks away, but a gem. The tiny store makes the most of its two narrow aisles.

5845 N. Clark
(773) 271-8676
Everything you need, including some killer baked goods. There are locations in the burbs, too.

3R Oriental Food
A little grungy, but it stocks most everything, including some fresh produce and meat.
2712 W. Montrose
(773) 478-2599

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