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Art Smith, fried chicken and a correction

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If you haven't yet read Louisa Chu's fantastic profile of chef Art Smith, get going. Smith is in his prime -- he's got Oprah/Obama cred, Top Chef cred, a book and TLC show in the works and on top of all that, he's lost nearly 100 pounds and looks amazing.

Now... if you haven't checked out the recipe for Iris Davis' fried chicken (that's her in the photo above), do that now, too -- but for those of you who also have the print version, I'm sorry to say there was a goof in the directions.

If you're wondering what to do with the 6 beaten eggs, you dip the chicken pieces first in the eggs, and then in the flour mixture. (Those of you who've done this before no doubt knew that, and I eagerly await an invitation to sample your fried chicken because I'm guessing it's some good eating.) The recipe on our Web site is the correct version.

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