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A little monkeying around on set with Martha Stewart and Mindy Segal

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Mmmm. Mindy, Martha and monkey bread.

That's HotChocolate owner and chef Mindy Segal, on the Martha Stewart Show today (11 a.m.), making monkey bread - banana brioche monkey bread with butterscotch and almond brittle, to be exact. Mindy_.jpg

Segal was on the show with fellow female chefs Missy Robbins (formerly of Spiaggia, now of NYC's A Voce), and Maria Hines of Seattle's Tilth.

Just got off the phone with Segal, who's in Florida for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival -- and is refusing to watch the episode.

"I don't like to see myself on TV. It's like when you hear yourself on an answering machine, you shudder. Oddly enough, my parents are in South Beach with me and they are going back to the hotel room to watch it," Segal quipped.

Segal didn't let nerves get the best of her; her good friend Robbins was sort of like her security blanket. But because we're talking Martha, it was "kind of surreal... It happened very quickly. She has a phenomenal staff and we ran through things a couple times."

Segal doesn't even remember the moment when Stewart jokingly admonishes Segal for crumbling up a piece of plastic wrap, just minutes after Segal said her philosophy at her Bucktown restaurant was not to waste anything.

Another behind the scenes gem: a bottle of Moloko Stout by Indiana's Three Floyds Brewery, which Segal uses in her recipe, was on set. "And [Stewart] starts swigging it on camera," Segal says.

As for silky, buttery monkey bread, a savory version of which Segal features on her menu (she made the dessert just for the show): "I'm thoroughly convinced that if I try hard enough, I can make monkey bread the next hottest thing."


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