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Gaga goes gaga over Art Smith's chicken

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In case you missed this morning's Oprah show, Lady Gaga was in the hot seat. She revealed that she's a "wannabe foodie" and that Winfrey thoughtfully had Art Smith, her former personal chef turned TV chef-superstar in his own right (and a svelter one these days, we might add), cook her the breakfast o' champions: chicken and waffles.

This excerpt (and the photo) courtesy of Harpo Studios:

WINFREY: So tell me, what would people be most surprised to know about you?

GAGA: Most surprised to know about me. Oh, okay. I can tell you.


GAGA: Oprah had a surprise for me. She had Art Smith, a chef, come and cook
for me today, this morning. And I'm the hugest fan and secretly a
wannabe-foodie and I love to cook. So that's something that people don't
know. I'm such a huge fan. He made me chicken and waffles this morning.

WINFREY: Chicken and waffles. I came in the kitchen this morning. There is
fried chicken everywhere.

GAGA: Everywhere, it was amazing.

WINFREY: And I said, you were eating--have you eaten fried chicken already
this morning?

GAGA: Yes. But it was so--I mean, I always have very trying weeks in terms
of my physical schedule. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I'm just
like, oh, gosh, I need to find my soul and he just gave me some soul this
morning. I said I've got soul for Oprah today.

WINFREY: Thank you, Art. Art Smith made breakfast for Gaga.

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