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More liquor-soaked balls, for your holiday enjoyment

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Travel Trip Kentucky Bourbo.jpg I don't know what delights me more: putting boozy balls in the hands of a mixologist (see post below), or in the hands of boozy journalists.

Now before I get in hot water, let me clarify: not all journalists are boozy. Some are. Not all. But there is that reputation.

Anyhow, bourbon balls made were The Hit at the office potluck last week. Potent would be a fair description; so would aromatic. I smelled the thing from a few feet away as a co-worker walked by with one of the moist, walnut-size treats on his plate.

The man responsible: Thomas Conner, our Web guru in Features (and not, I might add, a boozy fellow. He's a tea guy.)

"Wow, had no inkling they'd be such a hit. Pour a little bourbon in anything and it'll be a hit in a newsroom ... ;-)" Thomas e-mailed me in reply to my gushing e-mail along the lines of, "OMG." (See, there again with the Alcoholics-R-Us stereotype.)

Here, then, is Thomas' recipe. If you can, let these sit so the flavors get all happy:

Crush a box of Nilla wafers, add 3 tablespoons cocoa, pinch or two cinnamon, handful of crushed nuts, 3 tablespoons Karo syrup, 8 tablespoons (OK, maybe 12) bourbon. Stir. Form balls and roll 'em in powdered sugar. Fridge.

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