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Art on a bottle

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We're getting down to crunch time as far as Christmas gift giving goes, and Hanukkah is already well underway, then there are assorted holiday and New Year's parties where host/hostess gifts will be in order, so what can you get for that one couple, that Secret Santa person, those nice neighbors, your old pal and anyone else that won't seem as though you just popped into a liquor or food store and just picked up whatever the first thing you saw that happened to fit in your gift budget?

Tequila might not be your first thought, but gifts this time of year can be as much style as substance, and a collection of bottles of 1800 Tequila, designed by 11 up-and-coming artists -- and one "celebrity artist" -- from around the country, are quite stylish.

This is the second annual collection of limited-edition Essential Artists bottles from 1800 Tequila. The 11 winning designs were gathered from more than 15,000 online submissions, selected by 1800 Tequila. In addition to the eclectic variety of 11 user-generated designs, 1800 Tequila also is featuring a special-edition bottle by Studio Number One, a group of rising star designers founded by artist Shepard Fairey (who you might recognize from his Obama "Hope" design).

The bottles are under $25 and available in a wide range of stores in the Chicago area. It's been years since I've dared to drink tequila straight, and I usually leave the mixing of drinks containing tequila to professionals, but these bottles not only caught my eye, but I thought they were all quite stunning. Imagine, at that holiday party in the next couple weeks, walking in, giving a bottle to your host, having them put it on the liquor cart with all the other bottles of wine other guests have brought, then it's unwrapped, and people can't stop talking about it, looking at it, holding the bottle up to better look at it. It'll be a sure hit. tequila_bottles.jpg

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