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Take your kids to the restaurant day(s)

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There are many restaurants -- besides those that seem like amusement parks -- that are kid and family friendly, and for parents who've instilled an appreciation for the restaurant experience in their kids, just about any restaurant can be welcoming to them.

But an event in Downers Grove this month makes certain that families will not have to spend more time researching the kid-friendliness of a restaurant than they do the restaurant's menu.

The first-ever Kids Rock Too! - Kids Restaurant Weekend will be held in Downers Grove Oct. 16 - 18 and features 17 Downers Grove restaurants that are part of the Downers Grove Hospitality Alliance, which is putting the event together.

Participating restaurants will feature promotions and meals especially for kids. Some of the deals include: Free kids' junior cone with each adult purchase of equal or greater value item, kids pay a penny per pound for a slice of pizza, 99 cent build your own mini-cheeseburgers, create your own pizza for $5 and a special tour of Dunkin' Donuts to design and decorate your own donut, as well as many other deals. Wow, this really sounds fun! (And no, I'm not being facetious -- create your own pizza? a penny a pound for pizza? tour Dunkin' Dounts and design your own donut? What's the cut-off age? Would someone like to loan me their child for the weekend so I can take part?)

A complete list of the participating restaurants, in addition to the deals, can be found here, on Downers Grove's Web site.

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