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Gourmet magazine to cease publication

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We're speechless. Gourmet magazine, the food magazine of all food magazines, is being killed as parent company Conde Nast trims fat and deals with the diminished advertising market. The November issue is its last.

We're shocked. Gourmet's recipes and photography are evocative, its columnists and writers gems. Under the direction of its brilliant (not to mention influential) editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl, it has never looked or read better.

We're saddened. We're not the hoarding type -- except when it comes to Gourmet. We have boxes, literally, boxes, of the magazine dating back to the early 90s in our attic. When one of our sports columnists wanted to dump a suitcase full of his wife's Gourmet from the 70s and 80s, he asked us if we wanted to take them off his hands and we happily obliged.

Here's the power of Gourmet -- it has been published since December 1940.

Conde Nast says it will continue with Gourmet's book publishing, TV programming and Web content ( This decision may make sense to Conde Nast, but not to us.

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