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Lights, camera ... Cantu

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Some details about moto chef Homaro Cantu's not-merely-rumored-but-indeed-actually-happening TV show, as told to us by the kitchen renegade himself:

† Filming will start Oct. 15 and run through Dec. 15 at the restaurant at 945 W. Fulton.
† The downstairs private dining room is being turned into a lab -- "basically my dream kitchen," Cantu says -- that will serve as the set for the show.
† The show will air on a major cable network.
† Cantu has signed on for two seasons.

"Think 'American Chopper' goes into moto," Cantu says.

So here's your chance, dear diners: Get thee to moto between Oct. 15 and Dec. 15, and you might just find yourself an extra on the show.

Meantime, check out Cantu in Wednesday's Food section. He's our cover boy. Well, if you want to get technical, his iPhone is.

The story looks at how the Twitter/Facebook craze has infiltrated the food world and how the more media-savvy chefs use it to their advantage.

Cantu hardly needs help in this department. Check out his Web site. Oh, and good luck figuring it out.

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