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Porkin' out on the 'Three Little Piggies'

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It's fattening as all get-out, but there's nothing fast-food about the Three Little Piggies sandwich (ham, breaded and fried pork tenderloin and bacon) at the Silver Palm, 768 W. Milwaukee. That's because it takes about 15 minutes to prepare the dish that Anthony Bourdain called "evil" -- in a good way. And then, after you've smushed it down and sliced it in half, you've got another five minutes to let the piping hot dish rest a bit.

But what Bourdain failed to tell you about is the MAN behind the sandwich. That's what newspapers are for. Not only is he the genius who invented the sandwich, bartender Dan Palm is probably one of the nicest, funniest guys you could buy a beer from.

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