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Cool photo du jour, and something else to consider

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Via Vie chef Paul Virant's Twitter feed (say that 10 times fast):


Virant's caption: "These are "real" baby carrots. Did u know that the kind you get at the store are really big carrots that are shaved down by a machine?"

And speaking of things you get at the store:

Our cubicle mate, Char, was just telling us how, when she shops at her supermarket (we won't say which, but it rhymes with 'school'), she usually spends around $130 or so, and how, when she pays for her groceries, the machine spits out a coupon for $8 -- if you spend $150 or more.

She was obsessing about this -- and now we're obsessing about this -- because another co-worker, who only spends about $30 on her grocery trips, had given Char her own coupons for $5 off -- if you spend $50 or more.

Interesting, no? Methinks our supermarkets know too much about us and want too much from us. Check your receipts.

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