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On the Presidential Plate

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Mr. President, we know that something is going on at the White House that you are not telling us and the American people want some answers.

The question that is being asked, as stated last week, is, in essence, how can the president and First Lady indulge in the occassional (and very public) cheeseburger, allow their two daughters to enjoy some fun snacks from time to time yet they all remain fit and trim?

We know that Michelle Obama has a vegetable garden at the White House, but considering that "the first couple often publicly enjoy hearty servings of not-so-healthful food -- and allow their daughters to indulge, too," the two questions that loom are "What do the Obamas eat at home, and how do they stay so thin?"

Those clamoring to know what's on the presidential dining table are both ordinary Americans and folks who make their living in food and nutrition. "We have no idea what their regular breakfasts, lunches and dinners are like," American Dietetic Association spokeswoman and D.C. nutritionist Katherine Tallmadge told Politico. "Burgers, that's all I ever hear about. They go to burger joints because it shows they're just like everybody else, but everybody else is overweight."

Could be, though, that the Obamas may have achieved that elusive "balanced" lifestyle, where they balance the occasional burger or ice cream with morning workouts, playing basketball, and running after the presidential dog, Bo. Call it "White House Weight Watchers."

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