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Eating cherries is the pits (in a good way)

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I have the neatest little cherry pitter. Truthfully, it's not the sort of thing I would necessarily buy myself. In fact, it was a wedding present, bought off the registry by some kind soul who must've understood my silly longing for such things.

Anyhow, it's this metal thing, and you put the cherry in the round holder and press down and -- pop -- out comes the pit. The 4-year-old especially has taken to the gizmo, not to mention, she knows the payoff she'll get after a few minutes of pitting on my end -- a bowl of ready-to-eat cherries.

That said, here's a convincing argument for giving my cherry pitter a rest, via the Atlantic's food site. If there's a more delicious mess in the world than eating cherries, let me know.

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