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Becks Loves Pigs' Butts

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BecksMilan.jpgSoccer superstar David Beckham, now playing for international powerhouse AC Milan, has a passion for pigs' posteriors, a UK Web site says.

Now, before you think, "Oh, Posh Spice, poor gal. Hope she doesn't catch anything from her hubby," you might want to know that said pig butts are a delicacy that David Beckham has come to enjoy recently.

Beckham, according to The List "reportedly has a huge appetite for Culatello - which translates as "little bum" - an Italian delicacy made out of pig's rears."

Beckham, "The List" reports, "was first given the food by his club's former manager Carlo Ancelotti, and the pair have been spotted eating it on a number of occasions."

"A source" told the site, as if it was reporting on an extra-marital affair, "David can't get enough of this fine delicacy. It's got a much lighter and less meaty taste than most other prosciuttos. He's dying to get Victoria to try some."

Culatello, we learn, is a refined type of prosciutto made from heavier pigs and cut to a fraction of the thickness of normal prosciutto and aged, and may be cured with wine. It is most commonly served as a starter with melon or figs.

Hmmm. Well, put it that way, it doesn't sound so bad.

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