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A butter cookie convert

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Butter cookies aren't the first cookies we'd usually go for. Heck, they're not even the fourth. They all tend to have that forgettable Maurice Lenell-esque quality to them. Give us a chunky chocolate chip, a chewy macaroon, an almond thumbprint any day.

But that was before we tried these. These are butter cookies and then some. These are BUTTER cookies. These are the mother of all butter cookies -- or perhaps we should say, the grandaddy.

The recipe is from Roeser's, a father-son operation going on four generations in Humboldt Park (more in Dave Hoekstra's story today).

5-22 white bakery 3.JPG

It's an old school bakery, if there ever was one. As you can see, it's an old school recipe as well, one that we're pretty sure anyone can tackle -- flour, sugar, egg, vanilla and, of course, butter.

In a complicated world, it's the only cookie one really needs.

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