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The good, the bad and the ugly of canning (but mostly the good)

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The Local Beet, a Chicago-based online resource for all things locavore, graciously allowed us to run this piece on canning in yesterday's Food section.

Oak Park resident David Hammond originally wrote the essay for Local Beet, which attached an editor's note to its Web version -- which we omitted. And perhaps we shouldn't have.

See, Hammond's essay is all about his first experience with canning. The process itself was delightful, he writes. The results, however, were inedible.

So, Gardner just told us he heard from a local chef today who is very passionate about canning and very upset that this piece will scare people away from canning.

We liked Hammond's piece because it was honest, funny, well-written and very much in the spirit of the modern foodlover. We also see the chef's point. We do hope those of you who've never tried your hand at canning weren't turned off by the essay. Perhaps you took it as we did.

But so we're all clear, here's that editor's note that ran wth the story on The Local Beet:

"Eating locally isn't always easy and we want to share the whole picture with you, warts and all. This piece is about the difficult and dangerous side of preserving your harvest. If you have questions about canning or a story to share, please show and tell in the forum. Although, I'm sure David won't be answering your questions on how to properly can veggies."

And maybe that chef will show us the right way to canning nirvana.

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