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GQ: Andersonville's Great Lake's Mortadella Pie the 'best pizza' in America

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Looking for the best pizza in America?

Head to Andersonville, according to the men's lifestyle magazine GQ.

GQ food writer Alan Richman gives the nod to Great Lake's Mortadella Pie, 1477 W. Balmoral Ave., in the June issue of the magazine.

Richman traveled more than 20,000 miles across the country in search of the perfect pie and found 25 of the best pizzas you'll ever eat.

"[Nick Lessins's] cheese pie, prepared with fresh mozzarella made in-house, grated Wisconsin sheep's-and-cow's-milk cheese, and aromatic fresh marjoram instead of basil, was slightly shy of unbelievable," Richman said. "This pie--creative, original, and somewhat local--represents everything irresistible about the new American style of pizza-making."

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