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Beard Awards: Achatz' Alinea cookbook wins

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By guest blogger and New York writer Seanan Forbes:

Grant Achatz says he's fine. He looks fine, with his neck circled by
an orange band bearing a round medal.

Alinea the restaurant has earned recognition. Alinea -- this time,
the book -- has its own websites: and Now, it (or, more precisely, its author) has a
medal, as well: for "Cooking from a Professional Point of View."

Is Achatz startled to have won? "Of course I'm surprised," he says.
"When you're up against Thomas Keller and Heston Blumenthal, you have
to be surprised."

With that, he lopes off to find the rest of his team. Some people
strive to be in the limelight. Achatz, who could easily claim the
shine, is always swift to state that he could do none of it alone.

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