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If you were stranded on a desert island ...

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A little Friday fun, shall we?

We love the whole "If you could have three people over for dinner" question almost as much as the "What would your last meal on earth be" question. We often pass time (in the car, in bed when we can't sleep, while chopping veg) thinking up answers. You just never know ...

In that spirit, the inimitable restaurant publicist Ellen Malloy polled a bunch of Chicago chefs on this: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one food, what would it be? Their answers are telling.

Ever the savvy Frenchman, Dominique Tougne of Bistro 110 says, "A cow -- I would be able to drink milk every day and keep the meat for the very bad days." Piccolo Sogno's Tony Priolo is all business: "Just ice."

Of course, Sarah Stegner of Prairie Grass Café turns on the locavore radar. "Maybe I could dig up some clams and find some wild garlic to cook them with. Or catch a halibut that I could cook over an open fire whole."

But Province's Randy Zweiban, bless him, clearly needs a crash course in Survival 101. "I guess I would choose a rich decadent triple cream cheese," he says.

Read what the other chefs said here.

What food would be your Wilson?


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