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Cupcake field gets more crowded

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Oh, cupcake. We love you, even if you are, at this point, overexposed. You are our Facebook profile photo, for crying out loud.

But forgive us for stifling a yawn when first we heard about Phoebe's Cupcakes, opening tomorrow at 3327 N. Broadway.

Pastry chef and founder Phoebe Walters, 29, tells us this'll be different from other cupcake shops around. (And from those that are no longer around. Walters and partner Kate McNamara provided the recipes for Cupcakes, 613 W. Briar, which opened in 2005 and closed in December.)

"We're going for more indulgence," she says. "Higher quality. Instead of extracts, full vanilla beans. Highest quality chocolate. No shortening, preservatives, stabilizers." (Which kinda makes it sound like this place, and this place.)

Still, we like Walters' story. Small-town girl (from Plano) and her best friend from childhood, McNamara (also small-town, from Sandwich), go to culinary school, help open one cupcake shop, strike up a friendship with an investor who walks his dog in the Lakeview neighborhood and, boom -- investor agrees to fund the cupcake shop of their dreams.

Walters says they have 200 flavors up their sleeves; the shop will carry eight flavors weekly. And while their competitors charge upwards of $3.50 a cupcake, Walters' price is a sweet $2.50.


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