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My Kitchen Nightmares

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I'm not any type of expert when it comes to the dining experience or the origins of foods and I'm by no means a serious restaurant critic. I enjoy tasting, smelling, and cooking food, though sometimes the latter doesn't always go so well.

Stovetop overflows that left their marks for weeks after the meal I was trying to make, pastries that failed to rise to the occassion, and ingredient substitutions that just were no substitute for what the recipe called for all are among my kitchen disasters. Smoke-filled kitchens and cooking in mid-winter with the porch door open so as not to trigger the smoke detector are too numerous to recall, as was the three-step jump I perfected while living in a tiny studio apartment, that would take me from in front of the oven to my bed, whereupon I'd reach up to the smoke detector to disbale it before my neighbors called the fire department.

I'm a practicing cook. In spite of the occassional disasters, I keep practicing. One of my great culinary disappointments was the flaccid zabaglione that resulted even after a great deal of preparation, which I could not convine a friend to eat, even though I assured him a little raw egg wouldn't kill him (hey, it worked for Rocky!). More recently, a good half-pound of Israeli couscous found its way into the garbage after it turned into toast as I was expecting it to cook through with just a splash of olive oil.

So what are some of your kitchen disasters? Let's hear them!

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