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Grant Achatz, the chef-blogger

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Chefs just keep extending themselves into the online ether and to that we say -- hooray.

Alinea's Grant Achatz, who already is on Twitter, is now blogging for the Atlantic magazine's amazing food blog, which launched today.


First up: His take on the inherent pressures in participating in Madrid Fusion, one of those high-falutin' international culinary congresses where one might witness, as he says, "the transformation of a daikon radish into a wine cork, complete with an iron-branded label. Or taste a wafer that captures the essence of baby Christ as he lay in the manger."

Next up (according to an Achatz tweet from earlier today): "posting2-3 times a week. State of modern cooking IMO, then into inspiration from travels. Then 12-15 new ideas."

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