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Cupcakes good enough to drink?

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First foie gras cupcakes, now this. More, the Gold Coast cupcake shop, is offering a cupcake happy hour every Friday. Stop by 1 E. Delaware between 5 and 7 p.m. for a free cupcake in flavors straight from the bar (pina colada, Bellini, margarita).

Here's hoping these treats go the way of their bacon brittle and not their foie gras buttercream-frosted confections. Samples of the latter send to our office -- where, it is fair to say, the phrases "free food" and "like bees to honey" collide in not-so-pretty ways -- went virtually untouched.

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Hmm, I could serve the bellini cupcakes with bacon martinis? Sweet and savory. I'm in.

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