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Welcome, eaters!

It's about time we started this blog on all things edible in Chicago. We've been busy putting on our winter weight, indulging in all sorts of doughy, meaty, buttery treats. Trying to keep a lid on our consumption of desktop chocolate (that is, chocolate that sits in a bowl on our desk as a sign of generosity and goodwill toward co-workers) and booze. It's been that kind of winter.

Oh, but it's not over yet.

It's Fat Tuesday. And we all know what that means -- paczkis.

3-4 Lachat paczki 1.jpg

Go get yourself one of these if you haven't already (did we say one? We meant 12). And be sure to check back with us frequently for news, reviews and musings on Chicago's food scene.


Oh the days when I would have gone after the high school pot brownies first. Now Im at the age where I head straight for the Bavarian cremes, and that is my biggest flirtation with high living! I'm headed to oak park bakery on oak park avenue for great pacziks right now!

That box of donuts look so good. I might as well forget,about my diet.One glaze donut with extra glaze wouldn't hurt.Enjoy!

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