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Nothing like a square meal to pull us out of this recession.

Though word about Chicago Restaurant Week being extended was trickling out earlier in the week thanks to overeager publicists, the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau made it official Friday.

Eaters now have until March 6 to take advantage of the three-course, prix-fixe deals at more than 130 restaurants. It's $22 for lunch and $32 for dinner.

Chicago restaurants aren't the only ones trying to keep tables filled.

For our money, we'd pull up a chair at the likes of Naha or Le Lan. Wherever you choose, be sure to phone first for a reservation.

The ritzy Elysian Hotel going up at 11 E. Walton said today it has "mutually and amicably agreed to part company" with uber-chef Charlie Trotter.

Way back in November 2006, the hotel and Trotter happily announced their partnership. Trotter was to be in charge of all food at the luxury hotel, where prices for a private condo start at a cool $600,000.


The hotel doesn't divulge details of the split in a statement e-mailed this morning. Awaiting return calls from both parties.

Trotter was in Germany Thursday and couldn't be reached. Rochelle Smith, a spokeswoman, said, "There's no hard feelings. I swear, I swear, there's no drama. We just really decided to just part ways."

David Pisor, the Elysian's managing partner, was equally vague but cordial.

"Charlie's a great guy and he's built a great brand," Pisor said. "Sometimes relationships don't work. It just didn't sync."

Pisor said another chef will be named "shortly." A Chicago chef is on the short list, he said.

Talk about local. A New York guy is making a living bottling New York City tap water and selling it under the label Tap'dNY.

Chicago tap water is known for its exceptional quality and taste. The Natural Resources Defense Council calls our H20 "excellent." Check out further evidence from the city's Water Department here, if you can make out the scientific mumbo jumbo.

So we'll take on NYC tap water in a taste test any day. To us, ice cold water straight from the faucet is nirvana. But we're still kicking ourselves ... why didn't we think of this?

Cupcakes good enough to drink?

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First foie gras cupcakes, now this. More, the Gold Coast cupcake shop, is offering a cupcake happy hour every Friday. Stop by 1 E. Delaware between 5 and 7 p.m. for a free cupcake in flavors straight from the bar (pina colada, Bellini, margarita).

Here's hoping these treats go the way of their bacon brittle and not their foie gras buttercream-frosted confections. Samples of the latter send to our office -- where, it is fair to say, the phrases "free food" and "like bees to honey" collide in not-so-pretty ways -- went virtually untouched.

Welcome, eaters!

It's about time we started this blog on all things edible in Chicago. We've been busy putting on our winter weight, indulging in all sorts of doughy, meaty, buttery treats. Trying to keep a lid on our consumption of desktop chocolate (that is, chocolate that sits in a bowl on our desk as a sign of generosity and goodwill toward co-workers) and booze. It's been that kind of winter.

Oh, but it's not over yet.

It's Fat Tuesday. And we all know what that means -- paczkis.

3-4 Lachat paczki 1.jpg

Go get yourself one of these if you haven't already (did we say one? We meant 12). And be sure to check back with us frequently for news, reviews and musings on Chicago's food scene.

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