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As of this morning, I'm down to 238 just by eating good and keeping my calorie limit under 2000. I'm feeling good enough now to start working out. Can't wait to see what happens then.

I feel as motivated as when I just started this. Since I'm already down 9lbs in about a week, I have to credit it to being off medication and doing some veeerry light physical therapy. I've always hated any kind of medication, especially those pain killer pills. They just don't sit right with my body and I can feel it all over. Since they make you tired, getting exercise is all but impossible.

As for exercise, I'll be doing the treadmill at about 3 mph for 1/2 hour a day for a couple weeks just to make sure my back keeps stong. The other thing I have to make sure I do is work my stomach muscles. It's a big reason my back problems keep persisting. If you have back pain and a gut, you're in the same boat as me. Do crunches during the Hawks game or something. I'll keep you all updated.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through all the "work" stoppages as far as the blog goes. I really appreciate it and will continue to keep you all up to speed as long as The Sun-Times lets me.

The people behind the scenes always want pictures, links, video to be posted to make the blog more appealing. I don't really hold with that. Either you are here or not. The goal of this is to give you a "real" person's perspective on how hard it is to keep healthy sometimes. However, with the failures come some victories. These are real victories, too and can serve as motivation.

However, I will post some links that I think are family friendly and really cool. You probably wouldn't just run into some of these. Here's the first of many:

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