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10.  Being able to shop for plain ol' XL shirts again without them being tight

9.   Old clothes I had forgotten about fit me again.

8.   My kids can comfortably sit on my lap without being in an awkward "arched-back" position

7.   Increased willingness to go outside and play again

6.   More energy to play with kids, and for longer periods

5.   Can tie my shoes and clip my toenails without being out of breath 

4.   Can sit next to someone on the train and not feel like I'm crowding them

3.   More confidence in social situations

2.   Working with The Sun-Times staff, as well as Dave Grotto, the coolest dietician you'll ever know

1.  Increased sexual activity and stamina

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Boy, I really like your #1 and #2 reasons - ha!

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You know how it goes. The kids come along, there’s less time for you and in trying to keep up with their busy lives, your eating choices aren’t always so hot.

Greg Ortiz is a 39-year-old south suburban man who, tried, with the Sun-Times’ help, once before to get back to the athletic — and thinner — guy he once was.

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