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"I am really tired of checking this blog called 'no more excuses' and finding it has been a month or more since the last posting. PLEASE find someone who will be more attentive to their blog or take it down. There is no motivation in coming to this page"

This is a comment I received, and to S. Bobbitt, as well as the rest of you, I offer my sincerest apologies for leaving this blog for so long. Because of the recession and lack of work, I have been in the process of starting my own company. Unless you have gone thru the process, you have no idea how much time and effort goes into such a venture. However, this is no excuse; I should have kept on top of this.

As far as my weight goes...

...I've keeping at a consistent 229 and have done so for some time now. I try and get out for some exercise at least once a day, but am usually drained by day's end to do more than a tolken sort of workout. However, I'm making a push to lose this last 29lbs now that I have much of the administrative type work that needed to be done for the new biz.

I will be keeping up with the blog from now on, rest assurred. If anyone has any comments or concerns, please post. I'll make sure address at least one question/comment a week.

I'd also like to wish my son C.J. a very happy birthday! He turns 11 today! I love ya' buddy!

Thank you so much for keeping up and reading!


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I check in every now and then and was pleasantly surprised to see your post and thrilled to hear that you are going into business for yourself!

I'm proud of you Greg! Remember, weight maintenance is far more important than weight loss! You'll reach your goal and now that you have maintained for so long, I know you will keep it off this time!



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