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I'm back with you all again.  I've been really busy trying to keep the family afloat during this recession, but things are starting to look a little more hopeful, so I'm going to get back with this whole blogging thing.

First, I hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  I really mean that.  I've recently been blessed with appreciation for life, and by letting my anger and worry go, I've found much more time to appreciate the little things.

Ok, first thing first...My weight has stayed pretty consistent (between 225-230) for the last few months.  I could tell you I haven't made progress because I have been working so hard trying to make money for the family.  I could tell you that I'm just too tired.  I could tell you many things, but they all boil down to more excuses, and I'm not going to do that anymore.

I honestly can say I feel reinvigorated again and would like to drop these final 25-30lbs as much as I did the first 33lbs.  I feel good, but I know I could feel better.

I know today's entry is a little touchy-feely, but the posts will get better, and so will I.

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The guy in the photo is 39??? Gray hair, beer belly, and all. I'm 45 (soon to be 46) and I am still as thin as I was in high school, no beer belly, and only a little gray hair. And I have friends who have no gray hair at all and look fabulous.

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Greg Ortiz is a 39-year-old south suburban man who, tried, with the Sun-Times’ help, once before to get back to the athletic — and thinner — guy he once was.

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