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Up until now, I've tried to keep this blog related to weight loss, exercise, and health topics.  There is another topic that I've touched on, but haven't really gotten to deep about it; Mental health. 

There are many things that can impact weight loss and the mind set needed to stay physically healthy.  I've learned that mental health is just as important, if not more so, than the three listed above.    How did I learn this?  By being aware when things make me want to say "the heck with it" and just eat what I want, I've learned that I used to take too much stock in people's opinions.  I used to let peoples poor judgement, unprofessionalism, and rudeness dictate how my day went, and like many others, I took solice in food. 

But by by vigilant and really trying to find the causes of my eating habits, I've noticed some things and would like to share them with you for the rest of this week and maybe next as well. 

The reason..

..the Sun-Times set me up with this blog is to share my experiences so that you might relate.  Up until now, this has been all the usual superficial rhetoric you'd expect to find in a health related blog, but there are millions of those sites/blogs out there.  I'm hoping to change things up by telling you about REAL world experiences/issues/problems that you probably deal with, or have dealt with in the past.  If you're here reading this, you're like me, so I'll get down to the nitty gritty of things and let you know how I personally handle(d) them.  There will be successes and failures for all of us, but if we can at least recognize what makes us find comfort in food, we'll be much better prepared to deal with, handle, and overcome these thought processes.

Today's entry:  Unprofessionalism and Rudeness

First let me start by saying that the Sun-Times does not pay me for the blog, losing weight, or anything else.  I hear from people all the time who know I'm unemployed say things like "well, at least you have the Sun-Times thing", or "That Sun-Times money must keep you living well".  I guess I would think the same with something this big but it's just not true.  I never asked for money, never expected it, nor would I want to soil this whole experience by getting paid.  The Sun-Times was gracious enough to give me an 8 month gym membership and my dietician, Dave Grotto, who has been nothing but a Godsend throughout this whole process.  Without him, I'm sure I would be 30lbs heavier than I am now (the weight I've lost thus far) and I am grateful for these gifts The Sun-Times gave me.

However, these things don't pay the bills, so I am constantly looking for work anywhere I can.  Being an IT guy, I have swallowed my pride many times in the last year looking for work and applying to jobs I wouldn't have taken as a teen,  When you have mouths to feed, you'll do anything you can to feed them.  Which brings me to today's topic.

I recently applied for a job through a very well known placement agency in the city of Chicago.  I dislike these sorts of agencies because they either don't know anything about your expertise, give you the run around, or outright lie to you; and that's in GOOD TIMES.  It's even worse now with the economy how it is.

This particular agency recently called me informing me of a job that was in my line of work, but would only be for 25 hrs a week.  The gentleman who informed me of this position called me on 8/17/09 asking me if I'd be interested, blah blah blah.  Of course I said yes and truthfully so as he stated there would be an opportunity to go full time if the person worked out.  I'm all about opportunities at this point.

Anyway, after this Kevin character calls me and gives me the description, he tells me the company will choose "8 or 9" people it feels would be a good fit, and that he would let me know by the end of the week at the latest (8/21/09) to let me know if I was "selected". 

The week went by and I heard nothing.  I happened to run into a guy I know on Friday night (the last night Kevin was to call) who needed some help with a job he was doing and asked if I would be interested in leading the team.  I told him yes of course.  On Monday, 8/24/09 at 6pm, Kevin calls and states I was one of the "lucky ones" to be selected and could I come in Wednesday, 8/26/09 to interview.  This was the day I had already agreed to help my friend out and told Kevin that if he had called when he said he was, this could have been avoided.  However, out of courtesy for him and the placement agency, I talked to this friend and asked if we could start a little later that day and told him why.  He told me no problem; so I called Kevin back and arranged a time to interview.

However, I received a call from the actual client informing me that not only could we NOT start later, but he would need me in a day early (today) or he would get something else.  Although I have received absolutely no courtesy from this agency, I am not going to stoop to their level and decided to call Kevin early this morning and also sent an email to him and Cristina (another person I've been dealing with and whom I like very much) informing him/her that I could not lose some "for sure" work for an interview that "might" lead to part time work.

As I would have been unavailable to talk for the rest of the day and had not heard from Kevin in regards to my having to bail, I called the number listed in his email to me in order to talk to "Kate", the first person I was to meet.  I did this so that if Kevin or Cristina didn't get my message, the agency as well as these individuals would not look bad. 

When Kate answered and I told her who I was and that I had an interview scheduled for tomorrow.  Before I could finish, she interrupted me and said, very rudely "You have to contact the agency for anything".  I stated that I understood, but that she would certainly understand once I told her the reason for my call and proceeded to tell her.  Again, in the middle my explanation, Kate interrupted and said, I just got an email from Kevin telling me you can't make it".  At this point I told her that Kevin never let me know (standard professional courtesy) and that I was just trying to be professional by contacting her and hung up.

There are few issues here that made me want to grab a huge sandwich and fries almost immediately.  First, this Kevin lied to me and then tried to weasel out of it by blaming the client for not getting back to him by the end of last week.  Then he can't even show the slightest bit of courtesy by just letting me know he received my email.  On top of that, while trying to be the better person and taking the heat for Kevin's ineptitude, I get talked to like an ass by the company's HR person that I'm supposed to be interviewing with. 

The funny thing is, had there been a Gyro with extra meat and sauce around, I might have lost control.  Why is we want to hurt ourselves when someone else hurts us?  This takes many forms besides over eating; people cut themselves, become criminally violent, hurt their wives and children, abuse drugs and alcohol, and all because they are hurting inside.  What the heck?  Why are we made that way?  I guess it doesn't matter.  What matters is that we recognize these behaviors, realize we're only hurting ourselves, and make the adjustment.  I ended up having one of my shakes which not only filled me up, but made me feel better because I wasn't "bad".


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Greg - just found your blog(s). I totally relate as I am also on a weight loss journey that is a lifestyle change not a diet. I have enjoyed your postings and insights. I just wanted to urge you to "keep your attitude on straight" - you have a lot of stressors in your life right now - and I know feeling better about your health will be a step in your success. No matter how the scale moves you are making strides!!

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