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As anyone who has kids knows, it's time to go back to school. If they are not already back, they will be soon. This is a very stressful time for parents as well as students, and I for one am definitely not looking forward to this coming year. While there are a few teachers/staff/volunteers that we are very appreciative of, most who work for or with this school are, well, hard to deal with.

As the start of the school year gets closer, I've noticed my stress level rise and my appetite getting a little harder to control. What is it about food that we think we can find comfort in it? To me, it just seems strange, but it is what it is and I have to pay special attention that I don't start "slipping". It's been hard. .

.......driven, rude egomaniacs who are veeerry hard to deal with. The only reason we even still have them there is because it's my oldest's last year and he doesn't want to change schools again (we moved our 2 boys from public schools to private 2 years ago). My oldest also will have the great pleasure of having the best teacher in the school, Mrs. H, as one of his instructors. If not for her and a few others, we would have packed up and enrolled the boys at another private school in Chicago Heights, and plan on doing so for our next oldest, CJ, as well as Kaleigh and Aaden when they are old enough.

As the start of the school year gets closer, I've noticed my stress level rise and my appetite getting a little harder to control. What is it about food that we think we can find comfort in it? To me, it just seems strange, but it is what it is and I have to pay special attention that I don't start "slipping". It's been hard. However, I can't let a bunch of jerks ruin what I've worked so hard for; and I won't. I'm a fighter and just have to get into that mind set whenever dealing with the snobby, self rightous jerks that school is full of.

What could be so bad? I'll tell you in a list:

-At the end of last school year, the head administrator was approached by a parent with a text message her daughter received from my son. He had written "Id kill myslf to b with you" and a few others of the like. With no warning whatsoever, my wife was called to the school, ordered to take our son out of school, and told to get a psychiatric evaluation to make sure he was not a threat to himself or others before he could come back. After talking to our son to make sure he really didn't want to hurt himself, we made an appt. that very day to see a counselor. She was so sure Tristen was no threat to himself, she actually apologized to us for having to go through this. He was back at school the next day (ironically enough, the very night we were told he was fine was the same night that registration for the following school year was going on. They had no problem taking our money!)

-After writing a scathing email to this head administrator, she called my wife and asked if I had any documentation proving I was a legal guardian. Tristen is actually my step-son, but I've had him since he was 2 (he'll be 14 in early september) and his mother and I have been married for 6 of those years. When my wife stated the only thing we had was a marriage certificate, this coward of an administrator refused to deal with me on any level. I pay the bills and his tuition, but according to our wonderful legal system, that's not enough. She even asked my wife where his real father is (he signed away his rights to Tristen when Tristen was 2) and where he can be reached. I know, right?! Some nerve. We have a Power of Attorney document, as well as a Proxy giving me legal rights to deal with anyone on my wife and Tristen's behalf which just needs to be notarized, which will be happening in the next few days.

-When we first started attending this church, my wife and I were really trying to get involved, until one day some old battleaxe told my wife that since we were not married in the church (my wife is not Catholic), that my kids were bastards and we were living in sin. Needless to say, my wife never tried to help again and never went back.

-Early last year, my son started playing football for the first time and was not used to the work involved and the discipline needed to keep up with school work. A meeting was called by "The Coward" to see what could be done. Actually, the meeting was called because Tristen received a detention for not having homework done. I complained because when he tried to get back in the school to retrieve a forgotten book, he was told he could not go back in. School policy stated students COULD go back in until 3pm. This was never addressed. Instead, "The Coward" got all huffy when I stated "I'm smart as whip, and mean as a snake. Tristen will get back on track if it's the last thing I do". The Coward was more concerned with what she percieved as an attempt to "take over the meeting". I don't see what she was talking about, but from our past experiences with her, we just chalked it up to an old lady who was losing her mind. Most parents we talk to can't stand this lady, or the priest, who came into the school together, for this very reason.

-After ordering some things from a fundraiser the school was having, my wife was 5 minutes late meeting the guy to pick up the items. Dragging our 2 year old as well as being pregnant, she apologized. Instead of recognizing that my wife was having troubles, this guy took it upon himself to reprimand my wife as if she were a child. She won't tell me who this little piss ant is, for obvious reasons!

-My second oldest, CJ, was in football for the first time last year. They have 4th, 5th, and 6th graders on this team, and at this age, that's a huge gap. CJ would complain that he was getting bullied but I just chalked it up to him not being that good at football until I saw it first hand at a football game. They were playing at my Alma Mater, Marian Catholic and I was working "security". I had been talking to my dad who was in the stands and when I turned around, I saw CJ on the ground with a bunch of the other kids standing around him. When I went to pick him up, he saw that I was mad as hell and immediately said "don't worry Dad, it happens all the time..nothing to get worked up about". After catching my breath and putting my heart back together (it broke), I went up to the coach and spoke my mind. His response? "Now isn't the time". Now isn't the time? What kind of message did that send to the other kids, especially the bullies? I pulled him out the next day, against CJ's protests.

Some time later, while discussing with The Coward my son Tristen and the problems he was having, she asked me if what she heard was right; that i had pulled my other son, CJ, out of football because he was being bullied. I said "no" and I don't want to talk about it. The Coward must have spoken to someone about it and it got all around "the inner circle" that I had "told the principal" on this coach. The main kid bullying CJ is the son of the PTO president and always in the office helping out. Hmmmm. But I kept my mouth shut, trying to be the "bigger person". No more of that, I can assure you.

- There are many more little instances of this sort of thing at that school, many too numerous to mention. So I ask you, who wouldn't be stressed?

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It's amazing to think that one has to pay for that type of incompetence. Hindsight is always 20-20, but maybe it would have been better to keep the kids in public school.

Been looking for this type of information. Everything I've read anywhere else hasn't covered it very well, but your post did. Thanks...

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