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Things are going good

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My apologies for not posting in awhile.  I have been dealing with this back problem and other family issues.  I seriously don't think anyone reads this anyway!

Anyway, not much to say.  I've been sticking to the program pretty well and have no issues except that I have not been able to exercise much with this injury. 


Back on track

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I spent most of the weekend resting my back and I'm feeling pretty good. I visited with some old collegues of mine on friday and helped them out of a jam, but after that, I came home and loaded up on pain killers and I now can get around ok.

The problem is the medicine I was taking has made me constipated and bloated, so I'll put a picture up as soon as can "get rid of" this extra weight.

One of the exercises I like to do is the Wii Fit. I have been gauging my weight with it, doing some of the balance and strength exercises, and letting it track my weight loss goals. However, that little tool in my belt is about to be gone. The Wii is my son CJ's and he wants to sell it and get his OWN playstation 3. It's his Wii, so we have his whole collection of games and controllers for sale on Ebay (you can check out the listing here if you have any interest). I have to say, I'm going to miss it. It was a nice little program I could get on and do anytime I didn't feel like going out, going to the gym, or it was raining. My 3 year old daughter loved it too and I would often use it as a babysitting tool for her when I had work to do. It was better than TV by far. I wonder what the heck we'll both do now.

Back at it again

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It's tough to keep on exercising when you have a chronic back problem. If you've ever had back problems, you know when it's about to give out; you just know it. That's what's been happening to me the last few days and yesterday it finally went (which is why I didn't post yesterday).

Now I'm just laying around trying to get it better. I've been through this 100 times at least and the best thing is just rest. It sucks because I was really starting to get into a groove as far as keeping active goes, but if I don't want to end up in bed for 2 weeks, this is what I have to do.

I have not heard anything back on the sleep study

Sleep Study Complete!

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Well, I'm home. I went in for a sleep study to test for Sleep Apnea last night in hopes that I have it. I know, that sounds weird, but if I have Apnea, then we may have another tool to fight this weight (click here to read about 1 success story). Below are two video's: The first is how I looked the morning after and the second shows the accomodations. I'll know the results of the test in about 2 weeks so check back often to see what happens next!

Remember to check out the sister blog to this one at :


and email me at 40andfitterthesequel@gmail.com with any questions/comments!

Sleep Apnea Test Tonight

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After 3 months of waiting, I finally got the call from the sleep study people and I go in tonight at 9pm. I'll discuss the experience tomorrow morning when I get home (around 7am; post by 8am)

Nothing Much

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Some days, there's just nothing to say. I had a pretty uneventful weekend, stuck to my plan, and exercised some.

I'll have a picture up tomorrow as I have no one to take it at present.

if anyone has any comments, feel free to email me at:


Doc vs Wii = 243?!

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I went to the doctors office yesterday for a sleep study consultation to determine if I have sleep apnea. I have been trying to make this appointment since May and finally got in. For this initial visit, all they did there was ask me some questions for an initial screening. That was fine, but it was the weight on the scale that suprised me.

I always use our Wii fit to weigh myself and have stuck with what weight it gave me because it was pretty close to the wieght I get when I weigh myself at Active Edge gym in lansing. However, when they weighed me at the doctors office, I clocked in at 243 as opposed to the 239 I reported a week ago. So, either I have gained 4lbs (highly unlikely as I've been very "good" this week), or my scale is 4lbs off.

Since this is the very same doctors office with the same scale that weighed me when I was 263, I'll have to go by what that scale says. Sucks, but I'll get there.

My doctor was very happy with the 20lb loss though!

A Dogs Life

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I'll be running another blog at http://40andfitterthesequel.blogspot.com/ where I'll expand on things I've talked about here, discuss new issues, and post less formal comments I wouldn't feel comfortable posting here. Check it out!

Up until now, I've been writing about everyone in my family except one; Sasha our dog. We have trained her to get on the treadmill to get her exercise, just like the rest of us. Here she is, in all her glory:

Deer on the path

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As I was riding home from a 12-15 mile bike ride, I came across this deer on the bike path. With the poor quality video I had to use (blackberry 8130 pearl), you can barely see her. She is on the left hand side and you can get a better view of her as she attempts to cross the path


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Hello everyone and happy Monday!

Ok, that's a little strong, but I didn't make 235 this weekend so I'm feeling a little sarchastic. The fact is I'm at 239. 235 was a lofty goal considering I was 238 on Friday. I'm not disappointed and I don't hate 239, just wishing I could have hit 237 at least.

I also wanted to tell my old college frat bro, Mike Medoza, a big hello. If you need help with your program, let me know via FaceBook.


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I finally broke the 240 barrier this morning by clocking in at a "slim" 238. Sweet!

I wanted to say hello to Cristina from RHI. I had a great time talking with you about all this yesterday! Hopefully we can have a long, prosperous friendship.

I'll see everyone on monday with another picture. I'm going to try and be down to 235 by then!

Waist Bracelet

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Hello Everyone!

Well, I just weighed myself and I'm down to 240 lbs. That's 15lbs since I started this whole thing with the Sun-Times and 23lbs since my check up at the doctor's office.

For those of you who have just joined this discussion, the doctor's visit, when I weighed in at 264, was the catalyst for me calling the Sun-Times to get back on this "lifestyle change" journey. When I stepped on the scale and saw what the weight was, I couldn't believe it. 263....7lbs away from 270. I had no idea how I got that big, but what I did know was that I was going to use all of my resources to get the weight down, and that's when I called the paper.

Mon "Daze"

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Mondays are the worst day of the week for everyone, but when it comes to eating right, I seem to be in some sort of daze. Going back over my reports that I submit to Dave Grotto, my dietician, Monday's seem to be the day I just can't control my appetite or cravings. The rest of the week is no problem. I didn't go over my calorie count yesterday, but the quality of food I ate is of some concern.

I'll have to make a big time effort to overcome that.

Anyone else have a similar experience? I'd love to hear about it!

Post Holiday Blues? Not this time

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Welcome to the start of a new week and a fresh start if you ingested more calories than you would have liked over the holiday weekend. I hope your 4th was both safe and enjoyable!

I did good. I really watched what I ate, managed to lose a few pounds and had a great time at my friends Erin and Phil out in Dyer, IN. From their porch, we could see about 6 different fireworks shows going on at once, all while enjoying Phil blow off tons more. We managed to upset Erin by bringing these cheesecake cookie things my wife made and leaving them there for her and the rest of the family to pig out on when we left. Sorry Erin! Erin and Phil are doing that PS90 or PX90 or whatever that program is that is all over the infomercial world late at night and have been doing very well with it (Phil lost 20lbs and Erin needed new jeans; I guess we ruined that!).

Happy 4th of July!

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I'm out of town until July 6th.  Check back on monday when I resume posting!


Have a safe and happy 4th of July, and try not to pig out too much!!

Shrimp, Tortellini & Spinach dish you'll love!

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My wife, Lisa, has been the driving force behind this whole eating right deal I've been on. She's always coming up with these great recipe's that are both nutritious and delicious. One of my favorties is a Shrimp, Tortellini & Spinach combination that is so good, you will seriously think you're being bad. Just click on the link above to find out how easy it is and enjoy!

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You know how it goes. The kids come along, there’s less time for you and in trying to keep up with their busy lives, your eating choices aren’t always so hot.

Greg Ortiz is a 39-year-old south suburban man who, tried, with the Sun-Times’ help, once before to get back to the athletic — and thinner — guy he once was.

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