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Happy belated Fathers Day to all you dads!

Hopefully, you didn't use the day as an excuse to over indulge? I managed to stay within my 2000 calorie limit, but it wasn't easy. The day started with a big breakfast; 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, 3 pancakes (fiber one), and 2 pieces of whole grain toast, which ran me 743 calories. That was almost 1/2 of my daily allowance so I had to be good the rest of the day until dinner, which I knew would be T-bone, Italian sausage, baked potato, and salad (I knew this because all of this food would be grilled by me!). After all was said and done, I finished up the day at 1900 calories, plus change. Not too bad.

One activity I've been really enjoying is riding my bike early in the AM. I like to use the trails built by the Cook County Forest Preserve, which are about 6 miles in length. The mid-point of the trail starts about a block from my house and takes me to either Lansing, Lynwood, or other dirt trails in the forest preserve itself. I haven't been on the dirt due to all the rain we've had, but that hasn't stopped me from using my bike to go to the bank, store, etc using the concrete trail, sidewalks, and streets. Whatever way I go, I need to use the FP trail to get back home so I try to plan my trips so that I can stop at the forest preserve pavillions and catch the sunrise, watch the deer and other wildlife, and enjoy the quiet before the world gets moving.

My son is editing some video we shot, so that should be up tomorrow. Have a great day and see if you can find your own "trail", or whatever adds a little peace to your soul.

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