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Jacksonville Jaguars running back and consensus top-five pick Maurice Jones-Drew will miss the rest of the preseason, according to a report from the National Football Post.

According to the report, Jones-Drew has been dealing with meniscus issues in his knee stemming from a recent arthroscopic surgery.

If you've already drafted MJD, don't freak out. He's not expected to miss any regular-season action ... yet. But still, you'd like your top pick to have a clean bill of health heading into the season.

He was the third guy off my board, and clearly in the top tier of running backs (joined by Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice) that you should draft above anybody else. I'll keep him up there for now, but I won't fault you if you want to bump him down a few spots.

Team Preview: Indianapolis Colts

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Since Peyton Manning became the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, this team has become a fantasy gold mine.

Manning has consistently been either the number one, or number two rated fantasy QB and his offensive counterparts have also vaulted to the fantasy elite.

The skill positions are extremely strong fantasy options and are all ranked in the top ten at their respective positions. Pay attention to these players because 2008 will be another great year for the Colts.

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Preview

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You remember the play.

Fourth quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Playoffs and the Jacksonville Jaguars desperately needed a first down. Things were looking bleak as quarterback David Garrard dropped back from center, wide receivers blanketed like they stole something as the pocket collapsed around him.

Garrard did the only thing he could and rumbled his way upfield, picked up the improbable, no, impossible first down and led the Jags to an amazing comeback victory.

The Jags' season would end the very next week, but from that game alone we learned quite a bit about the team and its leader under center. There's a lot to like up and down this lineup for fantasy football purposes and today we'll take a look at each one of them:

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Preview

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Tennessee Titans

The prevailing thought amongst many NFL know-it-alls was that the Titans would attempt to surround franchise QB Vince Young with more help at the wide receiver position through the draft in the offseason. Instead the team decided to go running back - again - and are counting on free agent tight end Alge Crumpler to become Young's favorite target. Head coach Jeff Fisher's teams are predicated upon a tough defense and an offense that manges the clock and the ball, trying to avoid turnovers.

That kind of mentality is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard to fantasy owners who worship the bomb and detest the dive. Under normal circumstances I'd suggest you run and hide from the Titans, but the wildcard Vince Young makes this team more of the intriguing variety than the vanilla kind:

Houston Texans Fantasy Preview

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Houston Texans

Maybe they knew what they were doing after all. Two years removed from the Reggie Bush/Mario Williams debacle, it seems as if the Houston Texans actually made the correct decision in making Williams the number one overall pick in 2006.

They made some strides in head coach Gary Kubiak's first season with the Texans franchise and have some pieces in place to do some good things in 2008. Just like any other team in the NFL, their success hinges upon their skill players staying healthy for most of the season, primarily on the offensive side of the ball.

But there are certainly some fantasy options on this team worth your consideration and here's a position-by-position breakdown of who they are and what you can expect from them in 2008:

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