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The two remaining teams in the NFC West possess some very interesting fantasy options for you this year.

Out in the desert it seems as if they have gone with the old man who used to bag groceries instead of the pretty boy from California.

And the rainy city Seahawks are trying to replace a running back who at one time was considered the best in the game.

In both scenarios it's important you know exactly what's going on because they can have extremely important influence on your fantasy season.

The NFC West always seems to look as if it's going to be a dogfight amongst the teams that are apart of it. Yet, the Seahawks have prevailed more often than not as the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers always seem to disappoint.

Lucky for you, a team's overall record doesn't matter in fantasy football and because of it, the 49ers and Rams have a number of guys that will have their names called on draft day.

Here's a breakdown of both teams, side by side:

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