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New York Jets fantasy preview

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Everything that you will read below may change in the very near future if a certain someone from a certain city in Wisconsin ends up on the New York Jets.

His name?

Brett Favre.

Chances are Favre won't be playing for Jets and reportedly the team didn't even ask the Packers for permission to talk to the disenfranchised QB. But the truth of the matter is the Jets are still in a rebuilding mode under head coach Eric Mangini and that position is certainly lacking in New York.

But at the other skill positions the Jets aren't looking too bad and at least three of them will be selected in the first ten rounds of your fantasy draft.

These are the guys you need to know about:

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Preview

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The Big Tuna is in town to try and resurrect the Dolphins franchise that has fallen on some very hard times in recent years. As usual, he's cleaning house and trying to rid this roster of personalities that won't adhere to the work ethic he demands from his players.

Already he's made a shrewd move, ridding the Dolphins of their best defensive player, DE Jason Taylor, sending him to the Redskins last week.

The Dolphins narrowly avoided finishing the season 0-16 by defeating the Baltimore Ravens in an overtime game in Week 15.

As bad as they may have been, and as bad as they may be in 2008, there are a few viable fantasy options on this roster you will hear called on draft day. So pay attention and don't overlook these guys just because the team itself would have a tough time handling the Appalachian State Mountaineers.

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